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Even though I’ve been a fan of Ylvis for a while now, it never fails to amaze me actually how much musical effort they put into songs about menial topics. 

I mean, if you said, “Someone is going to write a dramatic song about tying knots, and it is going to be well-written and comedically hilarious”, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I wonder how popular the song will actually get.

Posted 2 weeks ago
He’s a great guy and good goalie. It’s nice to have another European there, although he is Swedish.

Tuukka Rask talking about his new backup, Niklas Svedberg (x)

Leeann he just proved it’s a thing

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Oh it’s a thing alright. AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

I don’t really know how Tuukka’s going to handle it honestly, I mean two of them on the team was one thing, but now having one as his own backup… It’s pushing his Swede limit for the year.

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Posted 2 weeks ago
  1. Me to the MBTA Commuter Rail Conductor: Does this train go past Reading?
  2. Conductor: Yep. Stops there too.
  3. I cannot deal with their sass.
Posted 2 weeks ago

Jason Day on the practice green after round 2, 2014 Deutsche Bank Championship.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

18th Green - 2014 Deutsche Bank Championship.

This is a place that holds many memories for me, the 18th grandstand at the Deutsche Bank Championship. I have seen amazing victories, fantastic final round shots, and events that impact the history of professional golf played out here right before my eyes.

Golf was the first sport that I ever followed, and still stands as my favorite. Getting to see it played live for the first time, and any following times have all been amazing events in my life.

I look forward to the final round tomorrow.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Martin Kaymer, 2014 Deutsche Bank Championship, 2nd Round.

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Posted 1 month ago

A family friend is over, and in our discussions, he was looking at my pet birds on the table and stated that, “In superstitious homes, these would never be allowed. Because certain cultures consider them bad luck.” I stated that this was “ignorant thinking, and that birds are a crucial component to every ecosystem on earth.”

The reply I received was that this was “thinking like that is thousands of years old”, and it was “probably because birds carry parasites and lice.” How does the amount of time a belief has been held make it valid? And since when are birds the only beings on this Earth to carry parasites? Take a look at cattle egrets and other birds that help to eliminate ticks and lice off of larger organisms, or vultures, crows, and gulls, which clean up dead animals and other waste matter from our environment? Or how birds are not only pollinators, but also spread seeds more effectively than anything humans could invent, and are a vital part of nearly any food chain?

How much bad luck are they now?

Please, I only ask that you think before calling something I’ve dedicated a great portion of my life to, “bad luck” and “disease carrying”.

Without birds, our world would be drastically different.

Posted 1 month ago